Playable build of canceled Warcraft adventure game surfaces online

It’s been public fact for some time that long beforeWorld of Warcraft, Blizzard was working on an adventure game set in the Warcraft universe. TitledWarcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans, the point-and-click adventure game followed the adventures of Thrall, who would later star as the hero of the Orc faction in Warcraft III.

Lord of the Clans (which was developed in part by Animation Magic) was cancelled by Blizzard in 1998, but a pre-release copy of the game surfaced on theScrolls of Lore forums over the weekend, and if you were quick enough, you could have snatched a copy of it for yourself.

The file was quickly removed from Mediafire thanks to a DMCA apparently filed by Activision-Blizzard, but as you can see above, a few YouTubers seem to have been able to download the game file and start uploading Let’s Plays of Lord of the Clans.

For game historians, it’s an amusing throwback to how Warcraft would have looked as a ‘90s style point-and-click game akin to Tales of Monkey Island, but for developers, it’s a rare opportunity to see one potential direction that Blizzard was interested in taking the Warcraft franchise in before the success of Warcraft IIIand World of Warcraft.

(A brief note: as Kotaku points out, a version of the game was floating around in the ether for the last few years, and playthroughs of Lord of the Clans have been viewable for some time.)

In particular, it’s interesting how much of the writing and humor is so starkly different from what Warcraftwould eventually become. The video above shows gameplay and dialogue that riffs very heavily on the LucasArts games of the era, with some characters feeling more like they belong in Full Throttle than a Warcraft game.

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